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  1. Are you up for the command line challenge?
    Solve the tasks printed below in a single
    line of bash.
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  2. When it comes to relational databases, I can’t help thinking that something is missing. They’re used everywhere. There are many different databases: from the small and useful SQLite to the powerful Teradata. But, there are only a few articles that explain how a database works. You can google by yourself “how does a relational database work” to see how few results there are. Moreover, those articles are short. Now, if you look for the last trendy technologies (Big Data, NoSQL or JavaScript), you’ll find more in-depth articles explaining how they work.
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  4. Der Gitflow Workflow definiert ein striktes Branching-Modell, das rund um das Projekt-Release gestaltet wurde. Es ist ein wenig komplizierter als der Feature Branch Workflow, stellt aber einen stabilen Systemrahmen für den Umgang mit größeren Projekten bereit.!workflow-gitflow
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  9. Der A* (sprich: A-Stern) Algorithmus kann für Anfänger kompliziert sein. Obwohl es viele Artikel im Web gibt, die A* erklären, so sind doch die meisten von ihnen für Leute geschrieben, welche die Grundlagen bereits verstehen. Dieser Artikel ist für "echte" Anfänger.
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  10. Path Finding is something that seems difficult at first thought. How do I work out the best way for one of the guys in my game to get from one location to another taking account of other things on the map. In the general case this is a pretty difficult problem, if you consider free form maps and accounting for other things wandering around the map at the same time it really gets very complicated.

    This tutorial hopes to provide somewhere to start, explaining the most common path finding algorithm in the more simple case of tile based maps. It’ll cover how the algorithm works and provide some reusable code to find paths across arbitrary tile based maps.
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