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  1. In this tutorial, we’ll learn about the Simulated Annealing algorithm and we’ll show the example implementation based on the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP).
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  3. Was sind die häufigsten Anfängerfehler bei der Programmierung mit Java? Dieser Frage sind Wissenschaftler der University of Kent nachgegangen. Das Ergebnis: Es sind gänzlich andere, als viele glauben.
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  4. Plenty of tutorials and articles cover the most important changes in Java 8 like lambda expressions and functional streams. But furthermore many existing classes have been enhanced in the JDK 8 API with useful features and methods.

    This article covers some of those smaller changes in the Java 8 API - each described with easily understood code samples. Let's take a deeper look into Strings, Numbers, Math and Files.
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  5. Konfiguration ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil moderner Anwendungen und erlaubt es, das Verhalten ohne Neubauen zu verändern. Wie vielfältig und unterschiedlich die dabei auftretenden Anforderungen sind, haben wir im vorherigen Teil dieser Reihe betrachtet. Diesmal wollen wir uns einige bestehende Lösungen ansehen.
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  7. The Java platform includes a variety of ways to iterate over a collection of objects, including new options based on features introduced in Java 8. In this article John Moore revisits the Iterator design pattern with attention to the difference between active and passive iterators. Learn how Java 8's forEach() method and features of the Stream API can help you fine-tune and parallelize the behavior of Java iterators, then conclude with some performance benchmarks that might surprise you.
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  8. The new facilities in Java 8 are about to change the way we write code. Our code will become more expressive and concise. But exactly how?
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  9. In this keynote from W-JAX 2013, Neal Ford explores why learning functional programming paradigms now is critical for developers with five concrete reasons: 1. why it’s beneficial to cede control over mundane details to the language and runtime 2. how nailgun driven development differs from building prefab houses 3. the wonderful benefits of immutability 4. embrace results over steps 5. how bendable languages make hard problems easier to tackle. Even if you don’t care about Scala, Clojure, F#, or Haskell, the important features of those languages will impact your life. Now is the time to increase your comfort level with these new paradigms.
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  10. So far, we’ve been showing the thrilling parts of this new major release. But there are also caveats. Lots of them. Things that

    … are confusing
    … are wrong
    … are omitted (for now)
    … are omitted (for long)
    Schlagwörter: , , , , , von Stefan Macke (2014-10-11)
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